Set of Tyres

Tyre Repair & Replacement Services

Here at GP Tyre House, we can replace and repair punctured tyres (where possible), while you get on with your day. We have several tyres that are suitable to be replacement wheels or even repair the puncture if it is a slow puncture. 


GP Tyre House stock and fit a wide range of tyres.

Our specialist tyre fitter takes your driving style, budget and personal preference into consideration before recommending a tyre.

Safety is the single most important aspect you should consider when looking to replace tyres, the price varies with makes/ performance.

The tyres we most commonly work with are Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone.


Wheel Balancing

Additional Information

Have you ever been in your car set for a long drive with a cup of coffee and your favourite music on, you approach desired speed and suddenly you start to feel vibrations on the steering wheel or the whole car, this is more than likely a sign of a unbalanced wheel. Manufacturers cannot create perfect wheels and tyres therefore they will to be balanced upon fitting new tyres, the tyres also wear uneven which also results in them needing to be re balanced again.

Locking wheel

Locking Wheel Nuts Removals

Locking Wheel Nuts are more of an issue than people often realise. Many of our clients have explained that they weren’t worried about it until they attempted to remove the nuts in an emergency and it was difficult to do so. To avoid being in this position, get your wheel nuts serviced before an emergency happens. 

We use an advanced wheel nut removal tool, which works with a reversed thread, gripping the outside of the wheel nut for easy removal. This causes zero damage to the wheel rims or the actual tyre. 


Headlight Cleaning

Headlight cleaning is important, particularly if you own an older car, as headlights can appear oxidised, cloudy and yellow-toned. When headlights discolour, it reduces visibility and therefore, safety. To avoid road accidents, it’s important to get this fixed. 

We have a system that restores headlights to their original condition, for a fraction of the full replacement cost. The system that we use yields a dramatic difference in lens clarity with long lasting results. The type of restoration process that we use will significantly improve your vehicles appearance and, more importantly, increase your visibility when driving.  

 The reason why people are now turning to headlight cleaning is because the age of the car can make headlights become more cloudy.
When they discolour it reduces visibility at night which makes it a safety issue as it diminishes the drivers vision during the night, which then can lead to accidents. Also will affect the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle and potentially decreases the market value of the car. The headlights are protected in a clear coat sealant that prevents damage from UV rays, Over a period of time when the lights are exposed to the sun. 

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating is used to refurbish alloy and steel wheels for cars, vans and motorbikes.We have a huge range of available colours, and we’re able to match original manufacturers colours i.e. VW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Skoda, BMW, Porsche, Vauxhall, Mazda, Range Rover, Land Rover. 

The process includes:

  • Remove Kerbing or Kerb Marks
  • Chemical Paint Stripping
  • Fine Grit Blasting
  • Powder Coating
  • Clear Lacquer Powder  

Extra Services

Aside from repair and replacement, we also provide an array of refurbishment options and general services.