Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services

Alloy wheel refurbishments is a technique that will remove any scuffs, damage caused by kerbing or corrosion caused by the weather. This damage can be aesthetically displeasing and decreases market value of the vehicle. 


The Solution

We don’t just refurbish the damaged area of the Alloy we do the whole area of the wheel, this includes kerbing scuffs and scrapes.

we pride ourselves on our very high standards, and follow a strict process for the refurbishment.

The process..

  1. Firstly the damaged areas need to be smoothed 
  2. Secondly the whole Alloy needs to be sanded down
  3. Then onto priming the wheels
  4. Baking the wheels under a strong infra-red light
  5. Applying the paint
  6. The final stage is lacquer to ensure the paint is protected.


The Alloy Gallery

Take a look at our gallery for our amazing before and after pictures.