Protect All Four Wheels with AlloyGator

Here at GP Tyre House, we’re proud suppliers and fitters of AlloyGator products, which proficiently protect your car’s wheels from damage 

Why AlloyGator

AlloyGators have an array of protective benefits, including: 

  • · Affordable, especially compared to a standard refurbishment service 
  • · Protect your wheels from kerb damage 
  • · Suits 98% of wheel and tyre combinations 
  • · Tyres can be changed with AlloyGators in place 
  • · Suitable for run-flat tyres 
  • · Protects the tyre wall from damage 

AlloyGators are a new, stylish way to protect your Alloy wheels from scratches and knocks. Available in a variety of colours and quick to install, these tough nylon rings fit securely between your tyres and wheels to provide an extra level of protection. Get yours fitted with us today!

AlloyGator Wheel Protection



Constructed from a unique blended nylon composite using material, patented technology, AlloyGators fit between the wheel and tyre to provide superior protection against kerbing and pothole damage.



AlloyGators are designed stylishly to enhance the look of your vehicle, offering it a fresh and modern appearance or to blend in just for protection.



Our award-winning wheel protectors are available in fifteen colours for you to transform the look of your vehicle. With so much option available, we’re guaranteed to have something for you.

Fast-fit repair

Fast-Fit Friendly

Our approved fitters are trained by AlloyGator to supply and fit these quickly and effectively.

The fitting time can take up to 90 minutes 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AlloyGators?

AlloyGator is a patented alloy wheel protection system which extends the life of alloy wheels. The AlloyGator sits between the alloy wheel and the tyre and offers wheel protection against kerb damage, saving time and money on repairs.

Constructed using a ‘super tough nylon’, these protective rims will vastly reduce the risk of wheel damage.

How do AlloyGators work?

AlloyGators are the first line of defence between the outer rim of your wheel and a kerb, they’re designed to protect against low speed impact such as parking or driving through a narrow width restriction.

What colours are available?

We have the following colours available:

• Black

• Silver

• Dark Grey (Graphite)

• Blue

• Green

• Yellow

• Red

• Pink

• White

• Purple

• Orange

• Sky Blue

• Gold

• Bronze

How much do they cost? 

A set of four AlloyGators in your chosen colour to supply and fit is £150 (including VAT) if you would like us to fit them professionally for you while you wait.

How long do they take to fit, and do I need to book? 

The fitting time can take up to 90 minutes.

Can they be used with run-flat tyres? 

Yes, they can, as long as the tyre/ wheel combination fits our criteria.

Can they be re-used if you have new tyres fitted? 

Yes, they can as the removal and refit of a tyre shouldn’t affect the AlloyGator, however an element of care must be taken by the tyre fitter to ensure they are not damaged during this process.

Do they affect the inflation of the tyre? 

If fitted correctly they will not affect the inflation of the tyre. We recommend checking your tyre pressures 1 hour after fitting to ensure correct fitting and at regular intervals as recommended in your operating manual.

Can AlloyGator be used on Machine Polished/Diamond Cut Alloy?

Fitting the “AlloyGator” wheel rim protectors will not cause damage on its own, however GP Tyre House accepts no liability if the product when fitted causes such damage. Taking the above into account, we do still have many customers with machine polished wheels, that choose to use AlloyGators to protect their wheels.

How Permanent is the Colour? 

Consistent colour is maintained throughout the product, which means that the colour is fully maintained after damage has been rectified. We recommend you regularly clean your wheels and AlloyGators with normal car shampoo or universal wheel cleaners suitable for delicate finishes like chrome. Avoid the harsh cleaners and thick, brush-on tyre shines used by some hand car-washes.

Can you repair damaged Alloy Wheels prior to fitting AlloyGators?

Yes, we offer a Wheel Refurbishment service for all types of alloy wheels, more information you can email us via this website or call us.